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Al descargar y abrir Windowexeallkiller usted puede encontrar estos archivos. Para eliminarlos, lea las instrucciones de abajo, a continuación, descargar Windowexeallkiller y ejecutar el programa. ID:93844

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Conozca WindowexeAllkiller

Qué es Windowexeallkiller? Windowexeallkiller es una utilidad gratuita que he creado como un servicio general al público.

Un aparato comercial extenso, sobre todo de compañías legítimas, está poniendo productos en el software comercial que interfiere con la operación de computadoras portátiles y de tableros del escritorio. La velocidad de Thes y la flexibilidad de estas máquinas sofisticadas y de su servicio a sus dueños es comprometida por la chatarra del software que es a menudo difícil de quitar.
Hacer materias peores, las compañías que ofrecen ayudarle a quitar esta chatarra en muchos casos tan porque desean instalar su propia chatarra.

los sistemas operativos de Windows son el malware mucho propenso que puede retrasar su computadora y hacerla difícil de utilizar. No es siempre fácil quitar este malware. WindowexeAllkiller es una manera de quitar el malware indeseado de su computadora.
No se automatiza altamente: Requiere a usuario poder identificar cuál es que él o ella desea quitar de la computadora, y la asunción es que el usuario ha hecho una cierta investigación y ha considerado cuidadosamente qué quitar. Si usted ha encontrado este Web site porque usted está buscando en el nombre del archivo específico de un objeto de la ayuda del browser o comercial hacer estallar sube que está haciendo difícil de utilizar su computadora, esto es una buena utilidad para que usted intente.

Una palabra de precaución: WindowexeAllkiller es una utilidad que le vuelve control de su máquina. Usted debe *actively approve* --poniendo una marca de cheque--las utilidades ese *stay* en su computadora. Las marcas de cheque del programa algunas automáticamente. Muchas de las cosas que usted puede ser que elija para quitar son de las compañías legítimas que proporcionan un servicio valioso.

Un usuario del principiante de WindowexeAllkiller debe concentrarse, la primera vez que, en los uno o dos problemas más serios para aprender el programa.
Una vez que usted esté al corriente del programa, usted puede encontrarlo es una manera de quitar una gran cantidad de programas indeseados inmediatamente.
Para ser un usuario eficaz de WindowexeAllkiller que usted necesita tener una idea clara de lo que usted desea quitar de su computadora; una vez que usted haya conseguido librado de malware activo, usted puede ser que utilice WindowexeAllkiller para modificar sus operaciones de computadora para requisitos particulares poniendo ciertas operaciones a un lado para hacer manualmente, por ejemplo actualizaciones.
Si usted es totalmente nuevo a las computadoras esta utilidad no está para usted. Si usted ha alcanzado el punto de hacer la investigación extensa sobre cómo quitar un objeto difícil, y los pasos obvios tales como UNINSTALL en la caja de control de Windows no han trabajado para usted, éste puede ayudarle hacia fuera.
Usted tiene que leer más introducciones. haga clic aquí(en Inglés)

Requisitos del sistema : .Net framework 4.0, Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8 32/64bit
licencia : Freeware

Consulte el manual detallado del usuario a continuación y vídeo de introducción. Será de ayuda. (en Inglés)
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Un usuario ha escrito una guía detallada para el uso windowexeallkiller.
When you get a new computer you are at the mercy of both the manufacturer and microsoft. A lot of adware is loaded into the initial vesions. For the most part you can uninstall these, but some are very pernicious and hard to find. Windowexeallkiller can help you.

01.Download the windowexeallkiller utility. Before you start messing with this program, do a "Create Restore Point." That way you can get back to where you started if you make an error. DOWNLOAD HERE
02.Move zipped file to any directory you like; "programs" is one possibility.
03.Unzip the folder. When you unzip the folder, a second, unzipped folder should appear in the same directory.
04.In the unzipped folder, right click on windowexeallkiller and make sure you choose "run as administrator."
05.You will see a bewildering array of file names. Remember that most of these are USEFUL and that you want to LEAVE THEM CHECKED.
06.It is likely the case that if you are using the windowexeallkiller utility you have tried very conventional removal tools like uninstall and they haven't worked.
You may have tried going to your C directory and using "search" tried to identify the malware that you can't get rid of. Although many malware files can be deleted manually, a few, such as toolbarupdater, have a defensive trick.
When you highlight them they activate and show up in your taskmanager as active programs. That means they are protected from conventional deletion.
So, at any rate, you can use your C directory search to find the various names used by the malware (toolbarupdater is from AVG).
The general point is that you have to be familiar enough with the enemy malware to identify it in this list, so you have to do a bit of homework on your own machine and also possibly on the Internet/google.
As we have said, by the time you decide to use the windowexeallkiller utility, you have likely exhausted conventional uninstall alternatives such as the Windows Uninstall utility in the control panel.
Even CCleaner does not get some of the junk that windowexeallkiller will find.
07.So, you've opened the file in "run as administrator" and you know what filenames are associated with your malware. In the open windowexeallkiller, you will see highlighted items. Many are friendly, but your foe is likely lurking here.
You have to go through them one by one. To be conservative, check anything that you don't understand or have not identified: many of these highlighted items are useful, such as motherboard software and windows utilities.
To understand what you are seeing, run the file names on a google search and see what you learn. You can delete many items (BY LEAVING THEM UNCHECKED) that you identify as useless in this way if you prefer. Nonetheless, the *safest* thing to do is target directly the specific malware you know is causing a problem, and leave everything else checked.
So, for example, with AVG the known issue is toolbarupdater and anything with AVG in the file name. So the conservative choice is to LEAVE UNCHECKED *ONLY* THOSE ITEMS with AVG or toolbarupdater in the file name.
That said, there is a lot of garbageware that comes with factory installed computers, which you cannot fail to miss because they will be annoying you with pop ups. So you may wish to remove more than one at once.
08.There are a whole bunch of files that have been checked by default (to preserve them). You might delete some of these some day but don't do it your first time around.
09.There are a bunch of files at the bottom of the windowexeallkiller display that are not highlighted, and not checked. Verify that your enemy file is not there, and just leave them alone.
10.You most likely have spotted your malware in the long list of files identified by windowexeallkiller. Make sure the malware is UNCHECKED. That everything else is checked, except the files at the bottom. Use the philosophy, "Innocent until proven guilty."
11.So now you're ready to kill the malware. There's a long bar at the top of windowexeallkiller's display of files. Click it, verify you want to run it in the popup that asks you if you really want to do this.
12.That's it, there are no bells and whistles to tell you that you're done. A brief note appears in the notepad file in your directory. If you want a good detailed view of what's going on do a "before" screen shot of your Task Bar programs--that is, before you run windowexeallkiller the first time--and compare with the output in notepad.
13.Now it's time to reboot.
14.Go back to your C directory and again search for the evil file(s). If it is there, don't despair. It may be that it shows up but has been deactivated. You can click on it and delete it (whereas before it would turn itself on and prevent deletion). If this has not worked, make sure:
A. That you ran the utility from an UNZIPPED folder.
B. That you RAN AS ADMINISTRATOR repeat procedure if you were nervous and forgot those things.
15.Empty your trash. Get that thing out of the entire system. Reboot again. At this point the evil file should be gone.
16.Create a system restore point and continue with your life.
17.Once you know what you are doing, windowexeallkiller can be a convenient uninstall tool, especially if there are many software removals that you wish to make. However, most people will likely prefer to use windowexeallkiller "when all else fails."
18.As a pointer, there are some malware files that appear to be able to generate from previously installed windows versions that are stored in your new windows. These old version show up as "windows.old" and "windows.old.000" and are created when you install a new windows operating system where there is an existing windows operating system. There are many easily used instructions for deleting these on the web, but deleting these old versions does not guarantee removal of active malware from your current system.
- From A user.

WindowexeAllkiller Introducción Vídeo
Cómo quitar Starup-registro, Browser Helper Object(BHO), barra de herramientas, servicios, programador de tareas, Global-startup a la vez.

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